“Give it all you’ve got, and the rest will follow” Peter Atyeo

“Ads”, a name bestowed upon Peter during his time on a cattle-run in a place called Morgan, about 161 kms north east of Adelaide, is known as a straight-forward, down-to-earth, humble and unassuming bloke.

Working as company viticulturist for Greenock Creek Wines since 2007, Peter lives by the well-worn idea that wine is made in the vineyard. Each plot is tended with a view to delivering the highest quality grapes to be converted into wine.

He is dedicated to producing fruit that maintains Greenock Creek’s characterful and intense expression of Barossa wine.  Within the vineyard portfolio, Peter manages multiple vineyard sites, with vines ranging from 90 to 130 years old.

At the foundation of Peter’s passion for viticulture is the preservation of these vines to ensure their long-term sustainability and a place in Barossa’s history.


Roennfeldt Road Vineyard

A soil profile showing the red brown earth of an Ebenezer vineyard, Barossa

Marananga | Northern Grounds

Roennfeldt Road Vineyard

First Planted: 1890

Vine age: 120-130 years

Old Vine charter: Centenarian Vines

Variety: Shiraz

This vineyard is located just behind the small parish village of Marananga, in Northern Barossa.  It lies in a small sloping gully with underlying soils of hard clays mixed with deep alluvial loams.  Orientation is north-south, where Peter utilizes a sprawled canopy for protection against the harsh westerly afternoon sun.

This, in combination with the red-brown earth soil, gives rises to a style that showcases fruit and colour intensity. The combination of the soil, site and sheer age of the vines, produce and a depth of concentration that consistently produces a luscious full-bodied wine.


Greenock Creek Wines

Roennfeldt Road Shiraz

Peter has been an integral part of the Greenock Creek Wines team since 2007. His viticultural skills were learned and honed under the tutelage of the original owners who founded the business in 1986 and purchased the Roennfeldt Road vineyard in 1994. 

Peter’s contribution to the vineyard, and as winemaker, since 2010, for the single vineyard site has seen it receive multitudes of accolades from the world’s most renowned critics.