In tune with the weather, the block, the past, and the future, Evan is committed to being a positive contributor to improving the environment.

 “I can do something – so I am.”  – Evan Gobell

Evan is described as “an old soul, in young boots” who is deeply committed to his family and his farm.  A qualified engineer, he constantly looks for efficiencies, and if there is a way, Evan will find that way.  This drive is underpinned by a nature that is deeply observant and intellectual and seeks to challenge the status quo.   A trait that is also evident in his passion for mechanics, particularly for race cars.

Eutypa is a key issue in Barossa, particularly for old vines.  Evan’s preference for the management of this fungal trunk disease, is to replace cordons periodically and regularly. This now sees 80% of Evan’s vineyards changed from spur (cordon) to cane pruning, which can drastically reduce the infection risk.  Additionally, using the latest technology to monitor soil moisture, provides critical information to avoid moisture stress, which can increase the negative impact for vines with eutypa present.


Stonewell Vineyard

A soil profile showing the red brown earth of an Ebenezer vineyard, Barossa

Stonewell | Western Ridge

Stonewell Vineyard

Planted: 1968

Vine age: ~50

Old Vine charter: Old Vine

Variety: Shiraz

Located in the heart of Stone Well, just 200m from the well, which gives this parish its name.  Westerly facing, but lying lower on the Barossa’s western ridge, the vineyard is located in a hallow protected from prevailing westerlies in spring.  The site is east facing and catches the gentle morning sun, but it is protected by the ridge from the harshness of the late afternoon summer sun.

The soil is red loam over layers of clay, with freckles of ironstone. The naturally low fertility of the soil, extends to produce a naturally small crop load, which aligns with Evan’s aim of providing a small and balanced crop of intensely flavoured fruit.   The fruit character is “classic” Maranaga red and blue fruit bowl, with firm but fine-grained tannins, resulting in a wine that is both, muscular yet refined.


Soul Growers

Gobell Single Vineyard Shiraz


“Having worked with Evan for many years, my first thought goes to the wonderful human that he is; a gentleman and a gentle man.  Evan is a considered, passionate and thoughtful grower, where the quality of the fruit is built on his commitment to vineyard improvement, with a particular focus on increasing biodiversity.  He is one of the Barossa’s stand out viticulturists, and well-deserving of broader recognition.”

Stuart Bourne, Senior Winemaker, Soul Growers (2020 Barossa Winemaker of the Year)