“Not having grown up in Barossa, I have learned so much from listening to the wisdom and advice of others, who have experienced the many ups and downs of the wine industry and understand you can never rule anything out.  My mentor, the legendary Darrell Kruger’s words of advice have always stuck with me, ‘never say never’. “

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Brooke’s early years, spent growing up on a broadacre farm on the Eyre Peninsula, have characterized her presence with a relaxed country air which is always accompanied by a wide, friendly smile.

Underneath her approachable nature, is an ambitious, driven and talented viticultural leader.  Brooke supports the advancement of the Barossa as a region, and strives to support the success of all those people with whom she works.  While nicknames abound in Barossa, no one has been game to bestow one on Brooke!

Brooke is known for her commitment to increase organic viticulture, for which her efforts have been recognised.  Soil health is a key viticultural philosophy, which she believes is the cornerstone of growing great quality grapes. Brooke focusses on nurturing microbial activity through biodiversity and mulching.

Working for Yalumba, a family owned business with over 170 years of history, Brooke has found her feet and has thrived for 10 years within a culture she describes as “incredibly supportive and dynamic in their quest for quality”.


Pewsey Vale Vineyard

Eden Valley

Pewsey Vale Vineyard

First Planted: 1847

Vine age: ~60

Old Vine charter: Old Vine

Variety: Riesling

The site is 450-500m above sea level, this altitude results in much cooler nights, early mornings and evenings than the warmer Barossa Valley.

Brooke notes there is a distinct minerality that flows from the site to the wine, with the vineyard character enhanced by making the wine with wild yeasts, native to the Pewsey Vale vineyard.  The site has a 173 year history of growing Riesling, demonstrating a unique synergy with the variety.  The vineyard produces four very distinct wines from four different plots.


Pewsey Vale Vineyard

The Contours Riesling

 “Pewsey Vale is one of the great Riesling vineyards of the world.  Where a true alliance between nature and variety exits, the need for human intervention is minimal.”

Louisa Rose, Head Winemaker, Pewsey Vale Vineyard

Pewsey Vale Vineyard

1961 Block Riesling

“I’ve come to know this vineyard intimately over the past four decades or so.  It’s quite a responsibility tending the vines on the most historic vineyard in Eden Valley.  It’s also something I’m very proud of”.

Darrell Kruger (late), Pewsey Vale Vineyard Manager

Pewsey Vale Vineyard

Prima Riesling

“This vineyard existed before us and will continue long after us, but at this moment it’s our job to look after it, ensuring we pass it on to those who follow.”

Louisa Rose, Head Winemaker, Pewsey Vale Vineyard

Pewsey Vale Vineyard

Eden Valley Riesling

“Gentle guiding hands and an understanding of place are all that is needed to create consistent and delicious wines…. Vintage after vintage.”

Louisa Rose, Head Winemaker, Pewsey Vale Vineyard