“My grandfather always said you have two ears for listening and one mouth for talking…so you should be doing twice as much listening and half as much talking.”

Adrian is known for his inspiring commitment to learning, innovation and is considered a beacon for other growers in the community.   In true Barossan spirit, Adrian is generous in his openness to share, whether it be his time, knowledge or leadership.

His core belief is founded in a rising tide floats all boats, striving to lead by example with his dedication to quality through sustainable viticultural practices.

His personal quest is based around old vine preservation, focusing on vine health and soil biodiversity to ensure their sustainability for the next generation of grape growing Hoffmann’s.

A fifth generational Barossa vigneron, Adrian’s family have been landowners since 1857.  His business, Dimchurch Vineyards, is based in the parish of Ebenezer in northern Barossa, managing 140 ha of vines and 600 tonnes of grapes.


The Hoffmann Family Vineyard

A soil profile showing the red brown earth of an Ebenezer vineyard, Barossa

Ebenezer | The Northern Grounds

Home Block

Planted: 1951 replanted vineyard

Vine age: 69

Dallwitz Block

Planted: 1880’s

Vine age: 125+

Old Vine charter: Ancestor

Variety: Shiraz, Grenache

The site is unique for its hard red-brown texture contrast soils with alkaline subsoil and its hotter drier meso-climate.

Adrian believes that this site adds both a density and texture to the tannins, while the alkaline subsoil gives a minerally backbone.


Chris Ringland

Hoffmann Vineyard Shiraz, 2013

“I first made wine from the Hoffmann Vineyard in 1992 and have since built a strong and dynamic relationship with Adrian, encompassing our shared knowledge and admiration of long ageing wines. North Barossa Vintners is our joint venture, which seeks to redefine the relationship between grower and winemaker.”

Chris Ringland



Hoffmann Dallwitz Shiraz, 2018

“I’ve enjoyed a beautiful relationship with the Hoffmann family since my initial introduction to their vineyard 17 years ago.

It is somewhat of a ‘University Chez Hoffmann’ to me as it continually educates and inspires with every visit – their family has farmed these same sun-kissed red soils since settling in 1857. Needless to say they are ideal mentors for a fervent student.”

Fraser McKinley – Sami-Odi


Don Shiraz, 2017

“The Don vineyard in Ebenezer is an exceptional place to grow grapes. Viticulturist Adrian Hoffmann’s philosophy, knowledge and passion are virtually unmatched in our region. The Don’ has been aptly named as the head of the Izway family, in a similar vain to the status that Adrian is gaining with his peers in the Barossa Valley.”

Craig Isbel, Izway Wines

Other single-vineyard wines from Adrian’s vineyards

RockfordSVS Hoffmann Shiraz 1996-2005 | Stockwell Trading Co – 2017 Grenache Mataro | Travis Earth – 2016 GSM | Sami-Odi – NV Little wine | Eisenstone – 2016 Hoffmann DV Ebenezer Shiraz | Thistledown – 2018 Thorny Devil old vine Grenache | Louis and Pax – 2018 Single vineyard Shiraz | Soul Growers – 2017 Single Vineyard Hoffmann Shiraz | Hayes Family vineyards – 2018 Koonunga Grenache