The Single Vineyard Register has been developed to extend the story of Barossa Grounds, the 12-year study on our terroir. Our goal is to recognise the characters whose effort is the heart and soul of our wines through their custodianship of the land, the growers and viticulturists.

By sharing insights into their personality and passion, we articulate the nuances that make these sites worthy of a single vineyard bottling. The generational grower story is fundamental to our deep understanding of Barossa’s terroir. This story is retrospective, it is now, and will be our future.

A Barossa single vineyard has a single continual boundary where grapes from this vineyard are recognized for their distinguishable sensory qualities.

These qualities arise from the unique combination of soil, vine, climate, location and aspect. This designates the resultant wine to be of a character to warrant individual bottling from either the whole or a parcel of the site.

Must contain 100% of wine from that vineyard (A 5% allowance is provided for wines aged in barrel that require topping up)

Joel Mattschoss

Dean Hewitson

Andrew Holt

Paul Lindner

Adrian Hoffmann

Peter Atyeo

Evan Gobell