Laminated A4 or A3 copies of the Barossa Grounds maps below can be purchased through the Barossa Grounds Toolkit.

For further information, contact Nicki Robins, BGWA Viticultural Development Officer:

Barossa Grounds Maps

The Barossa Grape and Wine Association has produced Barossa Grounds Maps that can be purchased for the BGWA. These maps include the Barossa Growing Degree Days, Soil Available Water Holding Capacity, Barossa Soil Groups, Barossa Mean Annual Rainfall & Barossa Topographical Map.

The Barossa Grounds Project was established in 2008 to evaluate the variations in wine style across Barossa. This collaborative undertaking, led by Barossa Grape & Wine Association and including the participation of South Australia’s leading soil scientists, the Barossa Viticulture Technical Group, wine critics, PIRSA, Wine Australia, and many of Barossa’s most experienced winemakers, has now extended to analysis, recording and communication of soil, climatic and topographic influences on those wine styles; controlled winemaking studies and annual tasting reviews. It is now regarded as the most advanced study of ‘terroir’ in Australia. The tools below have been developed to assist BGWA members to communicate to their customers, staff, trade and media the unique characteristics and diversity of Barossa Shiraz.

Growing Degree Days

Barossa Grounds Growing Degrees Days Map

Soil Groups

Barossa Grounds Soil Groups Map

Soil Available Water Holding Capacity

Barossa Grounds Soil Water Holding Capacity Map

Mean Annual Rainfall

Barossa Grounds Mean Annual Rainfall Map

Topographical Map

Barossa Grounds Topographical Map