On Saturday evening 05 November, the Barons of Barossa gathered to welcome 7 new Barons to the fraternity.  The event began outdoors, with a traditional blessing of The Barossa Cellar Heritage Shiraz Vineyard.


To introduce the ceremony, Louisa Rose, head of the fraternity, spoke about the significance of this vineyard. “These vines carry the breadth of the Barossa’s wine DNA. Cuttings were taken from 35 significant old Shiraz vineyards in Barossa & Eden Valley and planted here. The first vintage, 2023, will mark the culmination of a decade long dream.”


The 2022 induction of new Barons acknowledges those who have made considerable contributions to the region, in wine, viticulture, the arts and the community. Their energy, drive and dedication to the core values of the Barossa make them worthy of acknowledgement.


Chris Rogers has dedicated his career to improving viticulture practices in this region. He is highly respected by his peers, serves on a range of committees and is currently chair of Barossa Vine Improvement.


Nigel Blieschke has been managing vineyards for the Barossa’s most recognised premium labels for years. A strong advocate of Barossa wine and best practice viticulture and passionate about Barossa terroir, he has contributed to numerous industry bodies.


Virginia Armstrong is an artist/maker and, in her words, a perpetual volunteer. Contributing to her community is the foundation that underscores all she does.


Tim Smith is a quiet achiever and tireless advocate for the Barossa on the world stage. He was Barossa Winemaker of the Year in 2019, a Barossa Rhone Exchange recipient and put in over a decade of work for the Barossa Wine Show.


Sally Johnson is a woman with wine and community in her soul. She is a wine marketer, master wine educator, cellar door manager, volunteer for Kind Hearted Kitchen, Barossa Farmers Market board member and always willing to lend a hand for good.


John Hughes has a passion for Riesling and has worked to elevate that variety to cult status. He is a passionate foodie and a passionate believer in community, founding the Kicking Goals Scholarship and sitting on a number of community boards and committees.


Phil Armstrong has volunteered his time and skills for the benefit of the community for all of his adult life, working with local sporting clubs and for the town of Greenock, its community and heritage.