Barossa vignerons are working together to restore native vegetation across the landscape.

Many of our wildlife species are in decline. We face a hotter, drier climate which stresses our environment and wine grape production.

The Barossa Wildlife for Wine Project encourages improved vineyard ecology through habitat restoration and good management. Wildlife can play positive ecology roles contributing to a more resilient and productive Barossa landscape.

Barossa Grape & Wine Association would like to thank all the participants in this initiative as well as the Northern and Yorke Landscape Board for their generous support.

Barossa Wildlife for Wine | Episode 3

2020-10-13T15:41:28+10:30August 17th, 2020|

"Bats eat half their body weight in insects every night... so they're consuming enormous amounts of insects that could be pests in vineyards. How do we bring more bats into vineyard areas." Terry Reardon In episode 3 Seppeltsfield's Matthew Pick and Terry Reardon investigate microbat [...]

Barossa Wildlife for Wine | Episode 2

2020-10-13T15:42:20+10:30August 17th, 2020|

"What I find is that when you have very healthy biodiversity you need less chemicals and the soil holds nutrients and water better."Shawn Kalleske - Laughing Jack Episode 2 features Shawn Kalleske and Mary Retallack discussing how native plants and grasses encourage beneficial insects in [...]

Barossa Wildlife for Wine | Episode 1

2020-10-13T15:42:59+10:30August 14th, 2020|

"I can do something, so I am. I've got young kids, I want to be an example, that Dad has been a positive contributor to the environment.We're not just farmers, we're conservationists." - Evan Gobell of Stonewell Cottages and Vineyards In episode 1 of the [...]

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