Peter Lehmann Wines brings unmatched diversity and quality from more than 800 hand-tended vineyards, from over 140 growers, across the length and breadth of all 14 Barossa subregions, allowing them to craft wines from the region’s most unique and finest grapes. They’ll be bringing six of the best to Barossa. Be Consumed in Sydney and Melbourne this July.

Tell us something about you (or your wine) that we don’t know.

We began as a promise to the Barossa grower community, where Peter knew that the great fruit surplus of 1977 and the cancellation of winery contracts meant tragedy for the region. Doing business on a handshake, and with his word as his bond, Peter led the charge. He took the grapes himself and agreed to sell the wine on a “pay now and we’ll deliver in two year” arrangement. This raised enough money to buy the growers’ fruit and process it into what became the first ever vintage of Peter Lehmann wine released in 1979.

Give us one word that sums up Barossa.


You’re going to a friend’s place for dinner, what drinks do you take?

With a wine for all occasions – if it is seafood, a bottle of lightly chilled Wigan Riesling is a divine match with freshly shucked oysters, or for something more casual, The Bond Shiraz is a chargrilled steak’s best friend.

You have been given a cloak of invisibility. Whose wine do you go and grab a bottle of at Barossa Be Consumed?

Not a wine, but the Seppeltsfield Rd Distillers Gin!

What’s your perfect night in (or your perfect night out)?

The Bedford Noodle Markets on a balmy Summer evening, chilled glass of Portrait Grenache Rosé in one hand and sweet & sticky BBQ pork bao in the other.

What’s your food or wine guilty pleasure?

The jewel in our crown – Black Queen Sparkling Shiraz! It has a cult following and is unrivalled in finesse and elegance. 

Your Fave Road Trip Songs?

Red Red Wine by UB40.

What grape variety or wine style most interests you at the moment?

Grenache is making a comeback with a vengeance! Our newly released The Barossan Grenache is full of juicy berry lushness, soft tannins and exotic subtleties of pomegranate and rose florals.

You can ask any 3 people (alive or not) to a Barossa dinner party, who gets an invite?

Our late founder, Peter Lehmann, his long-time personal friend and mentor to all of the current winery team, Peter Scholz and our Chief Winemaker, Nigel Westblade.

What food is on the table?

The Weighbridge Platter, of course!

Name your one Barossa ‘must do’.

Attend the Barossa Farmer’s Market early on a Saturday morning and stroll back to Peter Lehmann Wines’ Cellar Door for a tasting and Weighbridge Platter for lunch.

Your most memorable wine? Or the wine that got you interested in the wine caper?

Peter once said “When God created Shiraz, he did so with the Barossa in mind.” It is the backbone of our winery and this region, and the first wine we ever produced back in the 1978 vintage.

You know you ’re in Barossa when you …. See | hear | smell ?

Once I see the parishes and know that laschinken is nearby!

Peter Lehmann Wines are joining us for Barossa. Be Consumed in Sydney on July 13 and Melbourne on July 20.

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