Tips on Collecting Wine

2017-10-18T22:06:47+10:30March 22nd, 2017|Barossa Wine, Events, Wine|

Head of Langton’s Fine Wine Auctions, Tamara Grischy, shares her tips on collecting wine: The desire to discover something new is part of the human condition. We are all explorers to some degree, and wine is about discovery – new varieties, new regions and countries, [...]

A Lehmann Family Tasting

2017-10-18T22:06:50+10:30November 26th, 2015|Barossa Tales, Barossa Wine, Wine|

Gathered around the kitchen table at the home of Margaret Lehmann, we were treated to a special and unique tasting on a Saturday morning. It was the first time that Margaret had lined up a selection of wines at the same time, made by husband [...]

Barossa Wine Chapters Auction 2015

2017-10-18T22:06:52+10:30February 18th, 2015|Barossa Wine, Events, Wine|

*Update 10 April.  Lunch event SOLD OUT.  Online Auction open until April 17.   Avid wine collectors and enthusiasts can create their own Barossa wine collection, direct from Barossa winemakers’ cellars, by bidding in the Barossa Wine Chapters Auction in April, 2015. For the first [...]

All Creatures Great And Small

2017-10-18T22:06:58+10:30September 24th, 2012|Events, Wine|

On the eve of the Barossa Wine Show, there can be fewer places more appropriate than Appellation - The Louise to host a thought-provoking review of Australian Shiraz. Presented as one of a subtle suite of changes to this year's show, and aimed at providing [...]

The Morning After The Night Before…

2017-10-18T22:07:02+10:30September 21st, 2012|Events, Latest Dirt, Wine|

The awards dinner for the 36th Barossa Wine Show was much like many that had gone before - full of good humour, expectation and ebullient celebration, all washed down with a general sense of community well-being and fortified with a healthy amount of competitive zeal. [...]

Organic Wine – why should you care?

2017-10-18T22:07:11+10:30August 9th, 2012|From the Vines, Wine|

A glass of wine is enjoyable for us, but the cultivation of the fruits can be quite harmful to the environment. Because of the high demand of wines, grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides and synthetic fertilizer which destroy the soil of nutrition and pollute [...]


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