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Winegrapes for Sale

Grape VarietyRegionVine AgeRootstockAreaTonnes p/hectareEstimated TonnesPrice p/tonneMore Info
VermentinoBarossa Valley Light Pass16Own.34 ha104$1200View Details
SemillonBarossa Valley, Angaston27Ramsey1.617321200View Details
SemillonBarossa Valley, Angaston60+Own2.147.4716$1500View Details
Sauvignon BlancBarossa Valley37Own1.01810900View Details
ChardonnayBarossa Valley, Angaston27Ramsey2.5215.8740$1100View Details
GrenacheBethany52Own1.93ha8153000View Details
grenachebethany121103 Paulson5ha10502500View Details
Grape VarietyRegionVine AgeRootstockAreaTonnes p/hectareEstimated TonnesPrice p/tonneMore Info

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