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Barossa Vine Improvement certified Source Area Blocks provide the best available vine cuttings.

“A” Class

  • An ‘A’ Class Source Block’s clonal identity can be verified with an audit trail back to germplasm.
  • ‘A’ Class Source Blocks are established with generation 1 or 2 vine material to maintain genetic stability
  • ‘A’ Class Cutting material is harvested from a generation 1 or 2 ‘A’ Class Source Block and complies with VINA Accreditation Scheme procedures.
  • ‘A’ Class Source Block procedure is audited annually by independent auditors to maintain integrity and compliance with the VINA QAS procedures.
  • Virus Status: Randomly selected vines from the ‘A’ Class Source Blocks have been sampled and ELISA or PCR 13A tested as per VINA QAS procedures. The results must be negative for Leaf roll Types 1 and 3 for the Source Block to maintain Certification status.

“B” Class

  • A ‘B’ Class Source Block may have been established with vine material 3 or more generations removed from germplasm, and therefore does not qualify for certification.
  • Barossa Vine Improvement notifies the purchaser that ‘B’ Class Source Blocks may not have been virus tested to VINA QAS procedures. ‘B’ Class source blocks however have been virus tested to an extent. It is suggested that the purchaser enquires as to the extent of the virus testing on particular ‘B’ Class material. It should be noted that cuttings from ‘B’ Class source blocks have a somewhat greater risk of disease, virus or defect than ‘A’ Class material.
  • ‘B’ Class source blocks have had ampelographic inspections – ask for details.
  • ‘B’ Class source blocks may not have a complete audit trail as to the origins of the material that the cuttings were taken from.

Cutting Collection and Labeling

Cuttings are harvested from Source Blocks from June through to early August. Cuttings are tied into bundles of 100. Each bundle is tagged with a colour-coded label according to its Source Block class. The label identifies the Variety, Clone and Source Block number. Bundled cuttings are collected daily from Source Blocks and delivered to the shed for distribution.

Vinifera Cuttings Standards

Standard (STD) Thin Grade
  •  Length > 300mm, nearly straight
  • Length > 400mm
  • Diameter range 6-12 mm
  • Diameter range 3-5 mm
  • Minimum of 4 buds (including basal bud)
  • Minimum 3 usable buds
  • Standard material is suitable for rootling production
  • Thin grade material should be discussed with the organisation. Due to variety and seasonal conditions, thin grade may be more expensive than standard grade.

Barossa Vine Improvement also follows the Australian Standard AS5588 for cuttings material it supplies.


Barossa Vine Improvement has prepared dossiers on some clones for some varieties. These documents can be downloaded directly from this website, or can be obtained by contacting the office.

These dossiers do not provide information on all clones available in Australia, but they do provide technical data on clones that Barossa Vine Improvement can currently supply. The information in these dossiers is provided in good faith, and may be used by the customer to help them decide what clone may be best for their circumstances. However, the information in these dossiers does not constitute recommendations towards any particular clone or to any particular situation, and Barossa Vine Improvement disclaims any form of liability to any person in respect of anything done or not done that is based upon any information included or omitted in these dossiers.


Riesling Clones BGVSS (PDF 463kb)

Shiraz Clones Dossier