Barossa Vine Improvement, also known as the Barossa Grapegrowers’ Vine Selection Society Inc (BGVSS), was formed in 1967 by local growers and viticultural researchers with a focus on developing new clones and high quality vinifera source blocks in the Barossa.

Barossa Vine Improvement is a non-profit organisation, with revenues from cutting sales invested back into ongoing supply and research activities. The organisation continues as a VINA accredited supplier of certified vine material to the Australian wine industry, and also supports the Barossa wine industry through sponsorships such as the Marananga Wine Show (trophy for the best alternative or emerging variety wine).

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As set out in our ten year strategic plan (2013 – 2022), our vision is …

To be Australia’s premier supplier of grape vine cuttings for icon varieties and clones suited to the Barossa region

Our mission is …

  • to recommend and promote planting of the best clones of all grape varieties as may be seen desirable to the Barossa and the Australian wine industry
  • to promote research into improving existing grape varieties as well as new grape varieties suited to the Barossa region
  • to promote the importance and value of high quality certified vine material
  • to facilitate the production and distribution of vine cuttings from source blocks to meet market demand
  • to support the ongoing capacity of the vine improvement industry to meet industry needs

Barossa Vine Improvement is governed by its constitution and is managed by an executive committee whom are elected at the AGM, and serve two year terms. Barossa Vine Improvement is guided by its strategic plan, and the organisation holds its AGM in the second week of May. Barossa Vine Improvement seeks to maintain a committee with broad skills, wine industry experience and strong networks. The organisation’s membership is comprised of growers, nurseries and wineries, although membership is open to any interested person nominated in writing to the committee.