The Barossa Wine School, launched in 2013 by Barossa Australia (formerly Barossa Grape & Wine Association) is a comprehensive wine education program that enhances students’ understanding of Barossa history, viticulture, winemaking and wine styles. Designed for enthusiastic wine drinkers, wine trade, media and educators, over 1,000 people have successfully completed the introductory level with many of these going onto complete the higher levels.

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Barossa Wine School

Level 1: Barossa Enthusiast

Successful completion of Barossa Wine School Level 1, the two hour introductory course, awards students the title of Barossa Enthusiast and entitles them to continue to further levels of the program.

Delivered in Hong Kong by:

Delivered in China by:
Ease Scent Wines:

Delivered in Taiwan by:
Sergio Valente Inc:

Delivered in Singapore, Bali and Southern China by:

Delivered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada by:
Lingua Vina:

Delivered in Barossa by:
Artisans of Barossa:
Barossa TAFE:

Delivered in Sydney by:
Wine Knight Consulting:

Level 2: Barossa Specialist

Barossa Wine School Level 2 is an eight hour course that once successfully completed, awards students to the title of Barossa Specialist and imparts a level of knowledge that students can share with great confidence.

Delivered in Hong Kong by AWSEC:

Delivered in China by Ease Scent Wines:

Level 3: Barossa Master

Barossa Wine School Level 3, the peak of the program, is a once in a life time six day immersive program held in Barossa, hosted by the Barossa wine community. Upon successful completion, students are awarded the highly sought after but rarely achieved title of Barossa Master and they become a member of the exclusive Barossa Wine School Master Alumni.


Delivered in Barossa, in association with AWSEC, by Barossa Grape & Wine Association