Buckle up! It’s a wild ride

The world as we know it has changed practically overnight, yet the characteristic determination of Barossa’s winemakers and grape growers shines. With the loss of the China export market compounding COVID-19 issues, the Barossa community leans into the most commonly used word of 2020 – pivot!

So, we enter the age of digital travel and connection. Winemakers jump onto zooms to host tastings and live chats, sharing stories while our wines are poured at dining tables and in home offices or lounge rooms across the globe. People start to see behind the velvet curtain of Barossa and are loving this new, honest style of communication. Our marketing campaigns lean into this, unapologetically people-first and focusing on our shared values, the things that make us shrug and “it’s just us!”

Adverse weather conditions in the vintages of 2021 and 2022 impact yield, both significantly lower than average. The quality though, is remarkable, resulting in wines described as ‘elegant and structured with depth and length of flavour.’