Above average growing season rainfall followed by dry ripening conditions in February and March.


Bush vines were very popular and recommended for Mataro, Grenache and Pedro. Low trellis spur pruning was recommended for Muscat, Gordo, White Frontignac, Red Frontignac and Palomino while low trellis rod pruning was recommended for Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Shiraz, Riesling and Tokay.

Trellises were normally 20- 24 inches above the ground with one fruiting wire and one foliage wire.

Vines were planted in wide rows (3.6 metres) and vine spacings were also wide (1.8m or 2.2m vines) to allow ease of access by machinery and preserve moisture.

The development of new fungicides and insecticides such as Thiram were introduced to control black spot.

Grape marc was first introduced as a fertiliser and autumn applications of superphosphate became popular on furrow irrigated vines.

For the first time since World war II there was a grape surplus in the Barossa for most varieties. In some cases this was the result of competition from lower priced Riverland fruit.