The Barossa Grape & Wine Association (BGWA) was established in 2008 as the peak wine industry body in Barossa. On behalf of over 550 wine grape growers and 170 wineries, BGWA is the beacon for collaborative investment and collective action, initiating and delivering projects for the benefit of the Barossa wine industry.

BGWA is uniquely positioned to nurture and promote brand Barossa to a global audience, to facilitate within Barossa the uptake of vineyard, winery and business best practice and to comment and lobby on government and industry policy issues.


Barossa to become a global brand that creates enduring value for anyone connected to it.


To have winemakers and winegrape growers working collaboratively to achieve a more vibrant and highly valued wine industry based upon the production of wines of excellence, internationally recognised for exceeding consumer expectations and derived through practices that are both environmentally and economically sustainable.


BGWA has a commitment:

  • to maintain and nurture our culture and heritage.
  • as industry stakeholders to join and work together for the common good.
  • to superior quality and best practices.
  • to environmental and economic sustainability.
  • to research and innovation.
  • to diversity of our region and its products.
  • to the ongoing positioning of Brand Barossa.
  • to our community and our people.
  • to take pride in our culture and heritage


  • Marketing and promotion of the Barossa wine region and its wines.
  • Best practice wine grape and wine production.
  • Policy development and implementation.


The BGWA Board 2019/20

  • Peter Joy (Chairman)
  • Matt Alexander
  • Stefan Jury
  • Jan Angas
  • Sam Clarke
  • Adam O’Neill
  • James Rosenzweig
  • Nigel Blieschke
  • Brendyn Hueppauff
BGWA Member Prospectus