Trent Burge has a last name that’s very familiar to many Barossa wine fans, but these days you can find Trent tending to his own wine brand and even converting his father into a fan of a Barossa wine other than Shiraz! Get to know Trent before he shares this very wine with us for Masters Apprentices, a Tasting Australia event on Sunday 2 May.

Trent, growing up with wine (figuratively) flowing through your veins, did you always want to be a winemaker?

Actually, no. I wanted to be a test cricketer… that didn’t quite work out, so I went with my next best skill…

So, once your decision to hang up the professional whites was made, who has had the most influence on your career as a winemaker?

My father, Grant Burge has always been my biggest mentor, a quote from him that has always resonated with me is “great wine is made in the vineyard.” But I am always pushing boundaries, the day I turned my Father into a straight Barossa Mataro advocate was a very proud one in my career!

What impact do you want to have on Barossa’s future?

To continue the legacy that my forebears have created of the Barossa being the most premium wine region in Australia. To leave it better than we found it through sustainable grape-growing and winemaking techniques. To build modern-day workplaces that fuel our economy.

You can catch Trent as part of the winemaking team at Masters Apprentices, a Tasting Australia event Sunday 2 May 2021.

Yesterday’s apprentices > Today’s mentors > Tomorrow’s masters.

5 courses + 10 wines delivered through the eyes of 6 chefs + 10 winemakers destined to make their mark, leading the next generation of Barossa food and wine.

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