Ahead of the Masters Apprentices event on Sunday 2 May, we caught up with the chef making waves with his ability to weave insane flavours into elegantly simple menus. Meet Kyle Johns, Executive Chef, Appellation Restaurant and three75 bar + kitchen.


Kyle, has cooking always been your goal?

I trained as a surf lifeguard but always loved cooking.

Can you tell us about an influential mentor or mentors as you built your career in the kitchen?

Stephen Seckold and Ryan Edwards

“Lead by example” sounds generic but when Steve said this quote to me, it hit me harder than a 80 hour week. It was said when I was a young sous chef, I was late to work and the “boss” Steve wasn’t supposed to be there, I was in charge that day so I thought I could arrive “fashionably” late. As I walked in and saw Steve standing there, he scalded me in front of the whole team. He later took me aside and explained how he saw potential in me and how I need to lead by example. Ever since that day I always have done exactly that.

As for Ryan, everything that guys says is memorable for me, we are close friends and I consider him my “Barossa” mentor.

What does the future of Barossa look like to you?

I like watching Barossa become not only a wine destination but a food one too, a place where people come to eat.



You can catch Kyle as part of the chef team at Masters Apprentices, a Tasting Australia event Sunday 2 May 2021.

Yesterday’s apprentices > Today’s mentors > Tomorrow’s masters.

5 courses + 10 wines delivered through the eyes of 6 chefs + 10 winemakers destined to make their mark, leading the next generation of Barossa food and wine.

Tickets $155pp – tastingaustralia.com.au