With great wine comes great food. We coaxed Jamie Wall out of the kitchen for a few minutes to chat ahead of our Masters Apprentices event on May 2.

Can you tell us about your mentors and the influence they had had on your career?

Like many in Barossa, I count Mark McNamara as a mentor. His quote “it needs more salt!” is always ringing in my ears – haha! I honestly couldn’t be more thankful for everything Mark taught me as an apprentice and in my early days of cooking. I still have never met someone who can use spices the way Mark does!

*Editor’s note: When we were chatting with Mark recently after dining at Harvest Kitchen and he was singing Jamie’s praises “fresh, flavourful and just perfectly seasoned!”

What was a pivotal moment in your career?

Moving up the ranks to Head Chef at Appellation and getting a ‘real’ business card! Now, moving to running the kitchen and being able to showcase all things me at Harvest Kitchen.

Any career highlights?

Winner of the best pizza maker in 2006 as a first year apprentice! Some of the most memorable would definitely be the collaborative dinners with Jeremy Strode, Peter Gilmore and Rodney Dunn, as well as some amazing Relais and Chateaux events and filming opportunities.

What do you think Barossa will be like in the future?

Just a bigger version of what it is now, a global food and wine destination. We have so many sensational wineries and food producers, from produce to restaurants I think we’re only going to get better and better.



You can catch Jamie as part of the chef team at Masters Apprentices, a Tasting Australia event Sunday 2 May 2021.

Yesterday’s apprentices > Today’s mentors > Tomorrow’s masters.

5 courses + 10 wines delivered through the eyes of 6 chefs + 10 winemakers destined to make their mark, leading the next generation of Barosssa food and wine.

Tickets $155pp – tastingaustralia.com.au