Over the noise of pumps and crushers in the winery, Brock Harrison, winemaker at Elderton Wines, shared a little insight into where he thought he might end up, where he has actually landed and what’s to come for Barossa…



You grew up in Barossa, where did 10-year-old-Brock see himself ending up?

I really wanted to be the next Bruce McAvaney as I not only follow a lot of sport, I also have a really uncanny ability to remember sporting facts. I loved and still love his energy he brings to the commentary box not to mention his crazy ability to remember past statistics.

Can you share a quote from a mentor that has made an impact on your career?

Don Young “You are only as good as your next wine”

You’ve been entrenched in Barossa’s winemaking scene for the better part of two decades, have their been any pivotal moments in that time?

Leaving Pernod Ricard after 13.5 years, having worked across all Winemaking Portfolios in the business. A Winemaker opportunity arose at Elderton Wines mid-2019 and I was fortunate enough to be selected. This was a really defining moment in my career as it took me back to where it all started in 2005, when I did my first vintage at Elderton Wines in the Cellar. I got a real kick out of the hands-on nature of winemaking from the beginning. Now being back in a hands-on role wearing multiple hats, it has been fun but equally as challenging, I am certainly a lot fitter as well.

What do you see for Barossa’s winemaking future?

Continue to be a world leader in not only top Quality Shiraz, but to drive more global recognition for the unsung heroes namely Grenache (& blends of), Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling


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